Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMP

I.             Choose the correct answer !

One upon time there lived a group of mice under the tree in peace. However, a group of elephants crossing the jungle unknowing destroyed the home of all the rats. Many of them were even crushed to death.
Then taking of rats decided to approach the elephant’s chief and request him to guide his herd trough another route. On hearing he sad story, the elephant’s king apologies and agree. ‘s ee take another route. And so the live of the rats were saved.
One day elephant-hunters came to the jungle and trapped a group of elephants in huge nets. Then the elephants king suddenly remembered the king of the rats. He summoned on of the elephants of his herd, which had not been trapped, to go seek help from the king and told him about the trapped elephants.
The rat’s king immediately took his entire group of rats and they cut open the nets which had trapped the elephants herd.
The elephants herd was totally ser free. They danced with jot and thanked the rats.

  1. What destroyed the homes of all rats ?
A.    A group of mice did
B.     The hunter did
C.     Elephant-hunters did
D.    A group of elephants did
E.     Elephants herd

  1. What helped the elephant’s free ?
A.    The elephant-hunter did
B.     The hunter did        herd ?
C.     The trapped elephants did
D.    A group of king did
E.     Entire group of rats did

  1. At the end of the story, how was the elephant’s
A.    Angry
B.     Sad
C.     Happy
D.    Dead
E.     Disappointed

  1. …..unknowingly destroyed the homes….. the underlined word means………
A.    Damaged
B.     Built
C.     Set
D.    Arranged
E.     Scattered

  1. “ ……and trapped a group of elephant in huge nets.” The underlined word means ….
A.    Small
B.     Big
C.     Weak
D.    Thin
E.     Light

23.  Jane : ……..
Lita : It wasn’t me
A.    I’m sorry to accuse you
B.     It is not true
C.     Say sorry
D.    You are the one to blame
E.     It’s my fault

24.  I’m very keen on football
The underlined word express ……
A.    Wish
B.     Like
C.     Boring
D.    Curiousity
E.     Dislike

25.  One bad effect of playing a computer too much is eye irritaition.
The underlined word means……
A.    Advantage
B.     Result
C.     Benefit
D.    Issue
E.     Cause

26.  X : Promise me that you will always love me !
Y : …………
A. That’s not true
B. I’m wrong
C. Its was may fault
D. If I could I will
E. I give you my word

27.  The teacher has got the children …… to the passage twice.
A. Listen
B. Listened
C. To listen
D. listens
E. have listen

28.  Tasya : Promise me that you will return
 The money as soon as possible
            Ari     : I give you my word
A. Ari may or may not return the money
B. Tasya has to return the money
C. Ari Has to ask the money from pasya.
D. Ari must return the money
E. Tasya has to promise return the money

29.  Manager : What do you think of uor service ?
Robin      : It is not as good as I expected
We can conclude that …….
A. The manager serves Robin
B. Robin expects the service
C. Robin is complaining the service
D. Robin is giving suggestion
E. The manager is asking for information.

30.  …..Mr. Rudi is tired, he keeps working.
A. But
B. Yet
C. However
D. Despite
E. Although

31.  The boy …. Mother is ill is absent
A.    His
B.     Who
C.     Whom
D.    Whose
E.     When

32.  A : “Do you mind if I borrow that camera for a few days ?”
B : “ Sure, John “
The bold typed sentences express…
A.    Giving suggestion
B.     Making request
C.     Accepting suggestion
D.    Declining suggestion
E.     Accepting suggestion

33.  The dishes ….. since this morning. You can’t eat now
A.    Has washed
B.     Has been washed
C.     Have not been washed
D.    Was not wash
E.     Was washed

34.  Dini : Oh, it’s rain
Mother : …..
Dini : Yes, certainly will
A.    You’d better wear your coat
B.     You’d better get wet
C.     Why don’t you go now
D.    Let’s go for a walk
E.     How about a cold drink
35.  Mother : What about the party ?
   You look unhappy
Mega    : it wasn’t good
From the dialogue, we can conclude ……
A.    They want to enjoy the party
B.     Mega enjoyed the party
C.     Mother is happy about the party.
D.    Mega disliked the party
E.     Mega liked the party
36.  The road is slippery, you have to drive ….
A.    Careful
B.     Carefully
C.     Careless
D.    Carelessly
E.     Cartophily

37.  Nita always arrives on school on time.
It means that she……… comes late.
A.    Always
B.     Rarely
C.     Often
D.    Never
E.     Sometimes

38.  in addition, to harness the solar power, solar cells are needed to convert the sunlight directly into electricity.
The synonym of the underlined word is …
A.    Supply
B.     Rebuild
C.     Spend
D.    Change
E.     Repay

39.  X : The truck causes too much pollution.
Y : Oh I’m sorry, Sir
X : Consult ……… about it.
A.    A doctor
B.     A mechanic
C.     A driver
D.    An engineer
E.     A passenger

40.  Beny : Look, what you have done it.
Must be you who made her punished
Mega : Younare wrong. I didn’t do anything to her.
The dialogue is about ……….
A.    Accusing someone
B.     Confessing a mistake
C.     Apologizing
D.    Admitting a mistake
E.     Giving apology.

II.          ESSEY
  1. Complete the following dialogue with suitable expression !
X : I don’t want to wait for you for a long time.
      If you don’t come soon, I I’ll go
Y : ………..
X : Ok, I will get your promise.

  1. Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the bracketed verb!
a.       Grandma has mother ……. her apples (sell)
b.      Tony got hasan …… his lunch (pay)
c.       The boy has his letter ……….. (send)
  1. Fill in the blank with the correct conjunction ( but, and so , also )
a.       He is not only smart but, …. Diligent
b.      Do it fast ….. we can catch up the last bus
c.       Nurma is smart ……. Diligent student
d.      Gunawan is tall ……. His brother is short.
  1. Rearrange these jumbled word into the correct sentences !
a.       Did-know-not-she-where-her-put-she-book
b.      Gets-mother-to-onion-me-slice

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